WonderWorks All Access Admission Ticket in Myrtle Beach

WonderWorks All Access Admission Ticket in Myrtle Beach

When you enter the WonderWorks building, everything will be upside-down! Not to worry...Professor Wonder and his staff of brilliant scientists invented the Inversion Tunnel to realign and invert your orientation so that you can defy gravity and play with all the exhibits and experiments.

Once you are properly aligned, family fun awaits with more than 100 hands-on "edu-taining" exhibits, an indoor ropes course, the hurricane simulator, imagination labs, and much more.

Let your imagination run wild!

This ticket includes all WonderWorks exhibits, 1 game of Laser Tag and the indoor ropes course. Closed toe shoes requires for most exhibits. Skirts and dresses will prohibit participating in some exhibits. Soar + Explore not included.

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Tour/Activity Details


Full-day admission


10:00 am daily

Please Note: Time shown on availability calendar is Booking Purposes only, and reflects opening time each day. You may arrive at any time during operating hours and begin your self-guided tour.

Children ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years of age. Hotel pick-up not included. Please order online or call 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.


Additional WonderWorks Details

According to legend, WonderWorks began as a Top Secret research laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. The world's greatest scientists, led by Professor Wonder, were given the task of creating a man-made tornado and harnessing its power. During the experiment, something happened and the power of the tornado was unleashed throughout the laboratory. This created a swirling vortex that was strong enough to rip the laboratory from its foundation. It was carried thousands of miles away and landed upside-down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Remarkably, all of the experiments remained intact and functional.

WonderWorks Exhibits

Disaster Zone

  • Enter the Hurricane Shack to experience category 1 hurricane force winds of 84 mph.
  • Become a human lightning rod as the Tesla Coil emits 100,000 volts of electricity through your fingers!
  • Titanic Challenge - how long can you hold your hand under the icy 28 degree F water?

Challenge Zone

  • Lie down on a bed of 3,500 nails!
  • Create 3-D images of your body on a gigantic pin wall made of 40,000 plastic pins.
  • Create bubbles the size of basketballs in the Bubble Lab.
  • Test your brain power in a challenging bio-feedback game of Mind Ball.

360 Bikes

  • Can you do complete 360? It depends on how fast and how hard you pedal.
  • Minimum height 52 inches. Closed-toe shoes required.

Space Discovery Zone

  • Try on a life-size replica of an EVA spacesuit that astronauts wear.
  • Climb into a replica Mercury Capsule.
  • Test your piloting skills on the F-18 fighter jet simulator.
  • Use the Mars Rover to explore and examine the surface of the Red Planet.

Wonder Coaster

  • Design and ride your own roller coaster! Feel the adrenaline of this virtual-motion ride.
  • Minimum height 48 inches (42 inches with adult).

Imagination Lab

  • Create a beautiful masterpiece on a gigantic version of Lite-Brite!
  • Save the Earth in a multi-player game of Alien Stomper.
  • The Fun Express station allows younger children the chance to try digital painting, coloring, matchmaking, and more.

Indoor Ropes Challenge Course

  • This glow-in-the-dark ropes course features 20 obstacles on 3 separate levels up to 36 feet high!
  • Closed-toe shoes and proper dress required for this experience.
  • No skirts or dresses permitted.
  • Must be at least 42" (3'6") when accompanied by an adult or 48" (4') to participate alone.
  • Maximum height is 6'8".
  • Maximum weight limit is 300 lbs. and you must safely fit in the harness
  • A liability waiver is required for all persons 18 and over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exit the attraction and return later in the day?
Yes. Tickets allow unlimited fun all day; come and go as you please.

How long should I plan to visit WonderWorks?
Most visitors spend approximately 3 to 4 hours at WonderWorks, but you can spend as much time as you like during operating hours.

Can I bring food into WonderWorks?
No. Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside WonderWorks.

Does WonderWorks serve food?
Yes. The indoor/outdoor café seats 70 guests and features fun foods like pizza, sandwiches, and more. A full bar is also available.

Can I take pictures?
Yes. Great photo spots in WonderWorks Myrtle Beach include: The Spacesuit, Mercury Capsule, Hurricane Simulator, and more!

What is the best way to dress for a day at the attraction? Is there any clothing that isn't permissible?
Dress comfortably, but please remember that WonderWorks is a casual, family-oriented attraction. Closed toe shoes are required for enjoyment of the Ropes Course and 360 Bikes. No skirts or dresses permitted on the ropes course.

Is the attraction wheelchair accessible?
Yes. WonderWorks is equipped with elevators for wheelchairs and strollers.

Children ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years of age. Hotel pick-up not included. Please order online or call 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change policy

If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

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